12 Weeks Today

It has now been 12 weeks since my stomach went sour on me. Though I quickly realized something had been going on at least since Christmas Day (the 5 am lower left abdomen attack), it was January 9 that constant nausea and pain set in.

The first 4 weeks were bad. The next week and a half more mild. Then, it reverted back to where it was and has since been.

The nausea and pain still have not subsided. Easter is tomorrow, and it has been somewhat difficult to stay focused on it with all this going on inside me, but this is where trusting God comes in.

Ultimately, tomorrow’s work has to be God’s, not mine. The work of the Church is the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us all who follow Christ! Those of us standing and proclaiming Jesus’ love and mercy tomorrow all across the globe (not just Pastors, but ALL Church leaders and Christians).

For NewHeart, we’re doing ONE big Easter celebration at 9:30 am. Since we’re still meeting in our temporary meeting space, during Sanctuary remodeling, and that temp space is quite small, we’re moving the Sanctuary across the street to Township Elementary School and bringing everyone together! Childrens’ Ministries will celebrate on the church campus. Makes it convenient since we’re right across the street. Should be sweet!

Don’t yet know if the pill camera has passed. On the advice of my regular doc, I went for a second opinion with another GI doc yesterday. After talking and looking at my records, they concurred with the current course of action. Wait for the results of the capsule endoscopy and continue on the prednisone I’ve been on for 12 days, as well as the other meds that I’ve been on for a couple months now.

The current dose of prednisone has been 40 mg for the last 12 days. They did recommend increasing that to 60 mg. However, Colleen is recommending that I stay at 40 until tomorrow, so as not to risk the added prednisone making me feel edgy (I guess it does that) or lose more sleep before Easter Sunday.

I have the appointment for the capsule endoscopy results on Monday, April 12 at 3:30 pm, but am certainly hoping for some progress before then. Still plan to leave tomorrow afternoon with the boys to Indio for 4 days with friends. My hope was to get some golf in, but no way unless I make a significant turnaround in a couple days. Right now, I’m just hoping to make the drive for the boys to have some fun with their buddies!

Wherever you are, I hope the power of Jesus’ resurrection comes alive to you this weekend like it never has before, and that you find the life that He offers on this side of heaven!

Happy Easter everyone!

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  • Judy Corbett
    Posted at 23:37h, 03 April Reply

    Dear Paul….
    I just sent you an e mail and had not yet read your blogs.You have been on my heart and I am so so sorry you are still so nauseated and in pain. I know from experience how long these weeks must seem…sometimes like forever.
    I just read something a minute ago that says..God promises us a Safe Landing, not a Calm Passage. Ain’t that the truth?
    I hope until you find out on the 12th you can handle the prednisone. Tell Colleen it made me very edgy when I was on it!! You are not alone there.
    I am still praying for a diagnosis and complete healing for you.
    “Dear God,I hope you can hear me…Paul is your faithful servant and he needs your healing..and if you can, make it soon!! Thank you” ūüôā

    Many Easter Blessings, Judy ūüôā

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