12 Years Ago Today

It was 12 years ago today that Colleen and I walked into Holy Cross Hospital and waited. It felt like we were at an airpot waiting for someone to come in from a flight. But this was NO ORDINARY ARRIVAL.

This was Joshua Paul Kuzma, our first son. His birthmother (catch that for those who don’t know … Joshua AND Jonathan are both adopted, though we rarely think it and NEVER feel it) had arranged for a C-section.

So, there we were, waiting for our son to arrive when the elevator doors opened and a nurse stepped out, asking if we were the adoptive parents. WOW … 12 years … I cannot believe it! It seems like only yesterday …. well, maybe a few days ago!

Cool … we’re doing one of our birthday traditions … pulling him out of school at lunchtime and taking him to In ‘N Out (his favorite burger … are we raising this kid right or what?!?). Then, we let him ditch the rest of the day (Sorry all you teachers out there!).

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