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25 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Doesn’t Get Any More Sad Than This

If you haven’t been watching the news the last 2 days, click here to read the story of 31-year-old Matthew Winkler. He was a Church of Christ Pastor in Selmer, Tennessee who was found shot and killed in the parsonage next door to the church he pastored. Church members went looking for him after he […]

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10 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Interesting Week

I sure miss NewHeart! I mean, I’m here and all, working away like normal, but I had to miss out on last Sunday’s Celebration. Couple weeks ago, my youngest, Jonathan, spent a couple of days bowing to the porcelain throne. Seems the stomach bug couldn’t resist me. Last Thursday afternoon, I came home with that […]

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