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20 October 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Thoughts on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

It’s not generally a habit of mine to opine about political things. Don’t get me wrong. I believe Christians should be involved in political issues. And I do get involved in the process. I’m just not one to give a lot of opinion. Anyway, the other day, I read something I found quite interesting about […]

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11 October 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Pray for Family of David Sumner

You may have already heard. My heart has been so saddened by the news of 10 year old David Sumner, a Simi Valley Viking football player who collapsed at practice on Thursday and died on Friday. All Viking & Gold Coast Youth Football League games were canceled Saturday as a result and a candlelight vigil […]

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01 October 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Coming Out of the Dark

Man, has it been a long time or what? Over two months since my last post! I did find that the last half of the sabbatical was much less computer friendly than the first half. Just didn’t have the desire to be around the computer a whole lot. I journaled through the whole sabbatical (which […]

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