A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged! Since you “saw” me last here, I no longer have the goatee. I’ll put up some progress pictures tomorrow, but just wanted to say HI for now, before I head off for a good night’s sleep.

I’ve been wanting to mention a GREAT tool I got for Christmas that is REALLY helping me get better sleep. Some of you are gonna LOL when I tell you what it is ….

It’s an eye mask! But not just ANY eye mask, mind you!

I’ve been getting better sleep the last year or so by using an eye mask. The regular, flat, black, silky ones you see all over the place.

However, this Christmas, I got a TEMPURPEDIC Eye Mask! I’ve been “eye-ing” that baby for some time now at Brookstone. And I’ll tell ya, it’s worth the extra price. The tempurpedic part of it literally shuts out every ray of light around your eyes. It can be high noon, and you’d never know it!

If you need some sleeping help, I HIGHLY recommend this puppy!

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