A Grand 4th of July

Hung at the Park tonight with a number of SVPD Officers. With Colleen and the boys gone with family up north, I took the opportunity to spend the 4th of July with the Police Department.

It started at 5:00 pm at the Station going through the Briefing with the detail of Officers working the 4th of July festivities. Our City does a pretty large party every July 4th that ends with fireworks.

There were about 20 Officers and Explorers at the Briefing with another 20 or so already in the field. When the Briefing ended at 5:30, I was called by the Watch Commander and asked to respond to the ER to a report of a man not breathing (read below).

After leaving the hospital, I went to In & Out to pick up 50 Double Doubles and fries for the Officers working the Park event. I was really proud of our local In & Out! They donated half the bill and didn’t even flinch at the huge order! To top it off, they got it done in 23 minutes!!

The rest of the evening was spent connecting with a BUNCH of Officers. It was a GREAT time to re-connect and connect with a lot of them at once. Spent some time walking the park and then enjoyed a grand view of the fireworks.

We learned tonight that our show was the 2nd largest fireworks event in Southern California, with the Rose Bowl being the largest. Having seen a few of our events in the past, it was definitely the best I’ve seen our city do!

Looking forward to Colleen and the boys coming home tomorrow night, and then a great Sunday at church. We have Randy Stonehill with us, followed by an old-fashioned Church Family BBQ!

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