A Happy Thanksgiving

I am writing this post from Lincoln, CA, where one of my wife’s brother’s owns 40 acres. He and his wife built a home on it about 2 years ago.

Their place is central to where Colleen’s parents and siblings live, so it’s perfect for a holiday gathering of family. While their house is large and spacious with incredible views, we’ve brought the RV up to stay in and allow for more family to stay in the house.

It’s hard to believe two months has passed since I last posted! It’s been a season filled with both happiness and heartache in many ways. We are navigating some difficulties in our own family that have been quite time consuming, though well worth it.

Health-wise, I have been gradually getting healthier and stronger. Since July, when my weight finally stabilized, while the entire year has been arduous, the recovery process itself has been extremely slow. I can’t tell a difference day to day or even week to week, but I can tell a good difference from month to month.

The nausea and abdominal discomfort continue, but still generally are getting less frequent and less intense. Each day can still be vastly different though, with good days and bad days.

I’ve gained back about 20 pounds, which is a good thing! My weight is now a little OVER where I want it ideally, but it gives me something to lose, rather than losing weight in a deteriorating and unhealthy fashion.

Last Sunday, November 21, we had our official Sanctuary Dedication Celebration, and it could not have gone better! Our sister Spanish-speaking church that meets on our campus on Sunday afternoons, Iglesia Cristiana Sonrise, joined us for the Celebration. Our District Supervisor, John Tolle, brought some great encouragement as he spoke and led us in prayer for the dedication.

A completely unexpected surprise came from our denomination! John brought a letter from our president, Glenn Burris, commending the congregation on the accomplishment. He also mentioned in the letter a gift of $5,000 from the McPherson Memorial Fund, which had been established when Foursquare’s founder died in 1944. It was established to help churches who complete building project’s.

Another surprise came when John explained that the letter mentions $5,000, but the check that came with it was in the amount of $7,000!! He shared that while pondering how he would handle it, he sensed the Lord impress on him that 7 is a number of completeness, and that’s how the gift is to be viewed. Not as thought we are “all done”, but simply that there is an added sense of God’s smile on what we have done for the sake of generations that are to come.

Monday, we spent the day grocery shopping and packing the RV. Wanted to leave town around noon, but in true Kuzma style, we didn’t roll out until 4:30. We arrived in Lincoln at 1:00 am, set up the RV in 5 minutes and knocked out for the night!

We’re looking forward to other family coming in today and tomorrow. We plan to head home on Sunday.

We hope your Thanksgiving is filled with loved ones, whether family or friends, and that your heart is filled with gladness and gratitude!

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