A Little Off

Ever felt like you were just a little off? Not like “in the head” off, though this IS in the head.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been a little off. One of my kids has carried the “almost flu” thing (fever, chills, headache, etc.). Well, yesterday I FOUGHT that exhausted feeling all through the morning until finally giving in and going to bed for a couple hours from lunch until the kids got home from school.

Afternoon was a little better as long as I stayed still. Got some good reading done. Slept well overnight, working through a couple sessions of the sweats.

I HATE this stuff … you wanna get stuff done and you just can’t. At least not the way or in the time you want to.

This morning, the energy level was better than yesterday, but still not quite where I want it. Resting where and when I can, and trusting this will be gone before the weekend.

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