A Really Proud Dad

With Father’s Day approaching tomorrow, I am really missing my boys. I am so proud, and feel tremendously unqualified to be Joshua and Jonathan’s Dad. My goal is to raise two great men, but I certainly don’t claim to be the best at it.

I do know that I am proud of my Dad, and that he instilled in me the value of hard work and appreciation for the good things life brings. Perusing old photos this week, I was able to grasp a deeper appreciation of the place in life God has granted me as a Kuzma.

My boys both “culminated” from their Elementary School this week, Joshua from 6th Grade and Jonathan from 5th, both headed for Valley View Middle School. I am extremely proud of both of their accomplishments, but nervous as a Dad about Middle School.

Allow me to pull out my wallet …

Joshua Paul Kuzma (12 years old – 6th Grade)
Jonathan Pierce Kuzma (11 years old – 5th Grade)
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