Amazing Day

I hope your day was as amazing as mine! Started with finding out our annual “A Promise for {insert year}” Guest Speaker for the first Sunday in January the last several years didn’t show up as planned. When I called him, he was four hours north, speaking at another church! Wasn’t completely his fault. Long story communication snafu, mostly on MY part!

What it turned into was an amazing morning of worship, communion, prayer and several people receiving their own promises for 2013 from Jesus. So many walked away expressing this was what they needed, and they didn’t even know it! Love how God works!

Then, the teacher of our Sunday morning Youth Group stops me after church. He says,

“We were talking in Youth Church about failure. Specifically, we were discussing what ministry failure looks like. Your (my) son, Jonathan {his 1st time in Youth Church since coming home from Heritage 2 weeks ago}, says ‘ministry failure is when nobody is changed.'”

Can you say :*)*** ? {Those are tears in my eyes} Wow! Where’d that kid come from.

Then, this afternoon, after a hospital visit, I’m watching some football in the living room. Same said kid emerges from the separate TV room, where he’s been holed up the last two weeks to come sit with dad while we watch football together. That’s called heaven on earth!

Then, tonight, I got to attend and help lead the monthly Simi Valley City Church Prayer Awakening. It was hosted at a prominent African American church in town. Just before I get up to speak and lead in prayer, unbeknownst to anyone there, I’m shaking in my boots a little about my said son. He starts school tomorrow.

Is he gonna go?


What if he refuses?


What then?

The choir … remember, keep in mind, prominent African American church choir … yes, that one … breaks into a song I’ve never heard that says:

I. see. you. in. the. future.
and you look better,
I see you walking in favor and prosperity too,
let me encourage you,
let me speak life to you,
you can depend on God to see you through,
you can depend on me to pray for you.

Am I shaking in my boots anymore about said son? Can you say NOPE??

Like I said. Amazing day.

  • Chickie Volpe
    Posted at 12:56h, 07 January Reply

    I KNEW that church would be great, because Jesus always shows up at NewHeart. And I can see you grinning from here, regarding the rest of your day. BTW, I worked in the food pantry after some worship time. I feel called to organize over there (at least once a month) before folks come in. I’ll be working out a plan so I don’t miss what you have to say on Sunday mornings. A quote from George: “I want to hear what my pastor has to say, because I know he hears from God.”

  • Chad Houck
    Posted at 20:24h, 13 January Reply

    I like that day. I want one of those! =) Congrats and thanks for sharing. I can almost read the smile on your face!

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