Another Great Day & Some Spontaneity

It’s late Saturday night. It’s been a very long, but fulfilling day. Our time with Jonathan could not have gone any better really. That’s with all things factored in, given truth AND grace, both of which are so vital to the life of any given relationship. We recognize clearly that this environment, even when we’re “off campus”, is only partially real, and meant to be a test for us to see how things are progressing.

We’ve had light conversation AND hearty discussions. We spent some time agreeing on some thing AND disagreeing on others. We shared about how difficult it is to be apart AND reaffirmed both his and our commitment for him to remain at Heritage to completely finish the program. We have our definition of what that means and he has his wish of what it would mean and they aren’t the same. And that’s OK. We shot some hoops together and read the 15 page autobiography that he’s written while here.

A very fun and spontaneous moment occurred tonight that had nothing to do with Jonathan, and he was glad to have been there to witness it. After dinner, we spent some time at a local mall here. While Colleen was off doing something, Jonathan and I perused a Kay’s Jewelers store.

Most are not aware that for some time, Colleen has been without her wedding ring. It was her original, thus 25 years old, and wasn’t the best quality to begin with. She lost the stone in it quite some time ago. I kept trying to get her to shop with me for a replacement, but with everything going on these last couple of years, it just hadn’t happened.

Well, tonight it did. She picked a beautiful ring and Jonathan just seemed to really enjoy the experience. He even remarked, “And I got to be here for it!” It was a very special and spontaneous experience that we were so glad to have enjoyed together.

Tomorrow morning, when we pick Jonathan up for the day together, we’ll start with family therapy and go from there. Between some school work I need to get done, some shopping we need to accomplish to prepare Jonathan for Winter in Utah and a lot of time on our hands, we’re anticipating our biggest test yet.

A few of our friends have left greatly encouraging messages for us on previous blog posts as comments and as responses on Facebook, as well as through text message. Thank you everyone, from all of us. We do sense God’s hand on this trip in remarkable ways, and know it’s because of the care, love, and prayers of those of you following us.

Until next time….

  • MIke Gainer
    Posted at 17:37h, 26 September Reply

    I am so happy to see you on your road to success with your son. I remember the times like those with our daughter less than a year ago. Now, she’s started her sophomore year in high school and running cross country while still residing at her place. It’s been an amazing transformation for her and our family. I wanted to let you know we areprarying for you and your family and are happy to discuss your journey with you guys anytime. Love you much!

    • Paul Kuzma
      Posted at 07:18h, 28 September Reply

      Thanks so much Mike! We’re hoping for similar success with Jonathan as well!

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