Appointment Changed

The long-awaited results of the camera endoscopy done back on March 16 were supposed to be revealed today at a 2:45 doctor’s appointment. However, the doctor’s office called twice today, and the appointment has now been changed to tomorrow at 3:45, due to emergencies he had to deal with today.

Frustrating, though understandable. Would be less of a deal to me if it weren’t for the fact that I am not getting any better.

The boys and I had a great time in Indio last week, but on the drive home on Thursday, with the air working well, I couldn’t stop sweating. Have been having off and on sweats and chills again for the last several days. So, my body’s thermostat seems to off again. Hadn’t had to deal with that much for the last few weeks. And, the pain and nausea has been overall a little worse rather than any better.

The last few days of last week were wearing enough that I didn’t even make it to church yesterday. I had scheduled someone else to speak because I knew of the time our of town with the boys, but what had been planned as a day for me to be at church without speaking ended up being necessary for me to not go at all.

13 weeks past now, and as of today, 48 pounds down! Without trying! Weird.

Will post results tomorrow evening as soon as I have a chance!

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