Better Week & Good Friends

Well, this has been a better week. You can read my last post to catch what I mean. Pete & Cathy are both doing better this week. You can go here and click on either of their names to get an update on what they are dealing with.

I have been very involved in both of these circumstances, but especially with Pete. He and I go way back. We have what I consider THE most unique friendship story I’ve ever heard. I’m not bragging, really, it is just downright a God-thing.

We were good friends for many years. We met when I first started in ministry and then he and his wife eventually were our first real Youth Team Members. He eventually became our Junior High Director.

Four years ago, we had a painful falling out. Six MONTHS ago, after four years of painful separation, we got back together. (I don’t mean to make it sound romantic, but it’s the best way to say it.)

Now, he is on his back by doctor’s orders, recuperating and healing from a SERIOUS complication from knee replacement surgery that has nothing to do with his knee. God divinely gave us our friendship back, stronger and deeper than it ever was.

I’ve been walking with him through multiple surgeries and, over the last week, intensely painful wound dressing changes. Not to sound morbid, but that’s a powerfully bonding experience!

Now …. ministry does weird things to friendships. Sometimes, it doesn’t even really allow for them between certain people. Painful, but honest, and true.

Today, I read a post by a fellow Pastor who I highly respect … Craig Groeschel. Don’t know him personally, but I love his thinking and writing.

He is writing a series of posts about Ministry Friendships, and today’s is one I want you to read.

  • If you attend NewHeart and I am your Pastor, understand my heart wants the best for you, always!
  • If you are a Pastor, take it to heart, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water, don’t give up hope, and get what you agree with in front of your congregation.
  • If you attend another church, send this to your Pastor.
  • If you don’t attend church at all, keep this handy for when you do, and then send it to your Pastor ;^)

Read it here.

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