Birthday Trip to Utah!

This Sunday, December 11, Colleen, Josh & I leave for our drive to Provo, UT to see Jonathan for his 16th birthday! His birthday is Wednesday, December 14.

We hope to do the 11 hour drive pretty much straight through so we can rest on Monday before seeing Jonathan in the school play (a BIG deal!) on Monday night. We’ll see how Colleen does with the drive. If her joints don’t cooperate, we’ll stop somewhere along the way and spend a night.

On Tuesday morning, we’ll do a therapy session. As long as all goes well, we’ll head to Midway, UT, all four of us, for three nights there. Both of the boys want to learn to snowboard, so we’re looking at places to go. Not real sure what the snow conditions are like.

On Friday, we take him back to Heritage, do a debrief of our time with the therapist and then start the drive home. We plan to stop overnight on the way and then arrive home on Saturday, December 17.

Some have been asking about birthday and Christmas gifts for Jonathan. If you want to send him a card for either day, his address is:

Jonathan Kuzma
c/o Heritage School
5600 N. Heritage School Dr.
Provo, UT 84604

If you’re considering a gift card, we are told that money is easier, especially cash. It will be placed in his student savings account and he can spend it on a trip to the store when he gets to go.

If you want to send him a gift, you are welcome to do so. If you’re not sure what is safe to send him, feel free to contact me or Colleen and run your idea by us. His wish list includes World of Warcraft novels, a nice clock radio and candy (he can receive this only for his birthday and Christmas).

For his birthday and Christmas, you can send his gift wrapped, as long as we are sure that it is something he is allowed to have. They (and we) hate the thought that he might open something that is not allowed. Again, be sure to check with us just to be sure.

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