Breezeway Remodel Project Update 1

On Tuesday night, we held our Congregation Meeting for our Breezeway Remodel Project. About 30 people were present, mostly memebers and a few regular attenders. We have 99 official members of NewHeart.

We preseneted the loan details and took a vote on requesting both “Permission to Build” and “Permission to Obtain a Loan”. Both have to be requested from the denomination for us to move forward.

The vote was unaniomus to request permission on both counts! Next steps are:

  • Turn in loan paperwork to bank (done!)
  • Turn in application packet to denomination (week of May19)
  • ICFG Board of Directors Meeting with us on agenda (hopefully 1st or 2nd week of June)
  • Plans turned in to Building & Safety for permits (target: June 2)
  • Start construction (target: July 21)

That’s it in a nutshell! Continue to pray for the different processes to flow smoothly! And, for those who are a part of NewHeart life, please pray about how God would have you and your family contribute financially to get it all done with as low a debt as possible.

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