Busy December

That December would be busy isn’t new for any of us. WHY it’s busy is a little new for us, and especially for Colleen. Her new job has been a HUGE blessing for her. And when Momma’s happy, everybody’s happy!

I really think she’s finally found her niche! She is just soaring like an eagle in this new role as the Teacher of the night time class for Certified Nurse’s Assistants at the Simi Valley Adult School. The first half of her semester was slammed every spare moment preparing for her next Theory lecture.

The second half has been quite a bit nicer. Since the class is in their Clinical stage, they meet and work at the local Senior Citizen’s home (Simi Valley Care Center). Kind of like on the job training. For Colleen, there’s not as much preparation as when they are in Theory and she has to teach three times a week.

Then, last Monday, the Vice Principal of the school called to ask if she could fill in for a Teacher in the Medical Assistant class. She taught her own class on Monday & Wednesday night. She taught this other class on Tuesday morning and this (Friday morning).

In between there, she worked her other job at the Thousand Oaks pediatric office on Thursday morning. She is wanting to hold on to that job since they’ve been so flexible with her and only schedule her one or two shifts a month.

Tomorrow (Saturday), all day, she will be in Camarillo for her monthly Adult School Credential Class. Sunday is Jonathan’s 13th birthday, and we have some family and friends coming over after church to celebrate.

She will teach the Medical Assistant class on Monday morning, hers on Monday night, Med. Asst. again on Tuesday morning and hers on Wednesday night.

One un-thought-of benefit of Colleen’s busy-ness has been the amount of time I have spent with Joshua & Jonathan. These past few months have been a kick in many ways, and is taking our Father-Son relationship to a whole nutha level!

On Thursday, I am whisking Colleen out of town for a night! We are really looking forward to the break, short as it will be. I got a GREAT deal for a night at the Hotel Queen Mary, so it should be fun.

She has been so busy, and even dealing with a lupus flare about three weeks ago in her shoulders. But it seems that she is enjoying what she is doing so much that it hardly phases her. It’s so good to see her fulfilled in what she is doing!

Somewhere in all this, along with my always hectic schedule, I am hosting a Pastors Breakfast at the Reagan Library that I hastily put together for Tuesday morning. Over the last couple days, some details I hadn’t originally planned on have been coming together  that I feel like confirm that this event is a real God-thing. Turns out we have 40 Pastors and Leaders coming! If I get a chance in the next few days, I’ll blog about it.

Writing about it all is exhausting me! I better hit the sack!!

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