Can You Say Gastroparesis?

Got back at about 5:00 pm from my GI doc appt. The capsule endoscopy shows that there is ileitis involved in my diagnosis, but does NOT find it consistent with Crohn’s Disease. So, he believes that I most likely do NOT have Crohn’s, but am definitely battling ileitis, and am already on the medication (Asacol) that deals with that.

As for the constant nausea and stomach pain, with the capsule endoscopy not finding Crohn’s, he believes it may be something called Gastroparesis. Basically, the stomach is not emptying in right timing, and causing the constant nausea (though he says it would typically not cause the pain I’ve complained of).

(Interestingly, this is concurrent with the second opinion GI doc I saw and spoke to a couple weeks ago. He called me last week after going over all the records to say he was suspicious of gastroparesis versus Crohn’s.)

This is seperate of the ileitis, but there is another medication we are adding called Reglan. He says I should know within a week or better whether or not it’s working. This will be in addition to the Nexium I am also taking.

The challenge with Reglan is that the side effects can be interesting, so we’ll have to watch for those. Documentation mentions not being on it more than 12 weeks. However, while information reads that gastroparesis is a chronic condition, the chronic nature of it should be taken care of by low-fiber, low-fat, 4-6 small meals a day, soft food-type diet once it is cleared up.

I will continue weening off the Prednisone, thankfully quicker than expected. I should be totally off in 6 days.

I have a follow-up appointment with him 2 weeks from today (April 27) at 2:15. Overall, no Chrohn’s is GOOD news! I’ll take that! Now for the Reglan to kick in soon would be a good thing too!

Thanks for praying!

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  • kelli
    Posted at 03:43h, 14 April Reply

    SO glad you may have hit the nail in the head.
    Do be careful with the Reglan. I was on it long term (chronic condition and all) and became depressed and close to suicidal. Fortunately John saw it happening and called my doctor behind my back. They narrowed ot the Reglan, and after a couple weeks, I was better.

    I know of two others with the basic same experience, so make sure Colleen and the boys know what to watch for. It sneaks up on you…

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