Catching Up

We enjoyed a GREAT day today! After sleeping in a bit and lounging for the morning, weaving in and out of conversations, we left for a day in Provo.

We had hoped to get some snow tubing in. Last weekend, the area received what we heard was the most snowfall of the entire season. It wasn’t a whole lot by local standards, but we thought for sure it would be enough to get us some good tubing in. But alas, we discovered this morning that the season ended last Sunday! O well!

We stopped first at Pizza Pie Cafe, a buffet in Provo that’s been open a couple of years. I would have never thought it would be anything but different kinds of pizzas. The BEST part about it was that they served a half dozen different DESSERT pizzas beyond the differing types of pizzas they offered. It was really awesome! Apple Pie pizza, Peach Pie pizza, Oreo pizza, Cookie Dough pizza. Wow!

From there, we shot over to the University Mall to try and get Jonathan some shoes he needed. Well, all three of us boys ended up with shoes! For the longest time, I’ve been looking for slip on tennis shoes. I really like to wear my tennis shoes with the laces UNTIED. Drives Colleen nuts though!

I didn’t find the tennis shoes I wanted, but I did learn about stretch laces! Replacing my old laces with these, I now have SLIP ON TENNIS SHOES! Love it!

From there, we spent a good chunk of time at Barnes & Noble, a quirk of our family. We all pretty much enjoy just hanging at the book store, browsing, sipping coffee or smoothies and chatting. Done there, Jonathan wanted to browse and play at Best Buy. From there, we made our way back to Midway.

Can’t really say enough about this place and our friend who allowed us to use it. For only $53 a night, we get this incredibly nice and comfortable 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. Instead of feeling like we need to “get out of the hotel” for lack of space, we feel like we’re home. It makes for much more comfortable conversation and being together.

All of that to say we had a really good day of flowing in and out of sometimes random, sometimes hilarious, sometimes deep, and sometimes insightful conversations together. Honestly, we have a hard time even getting Josh to spend time with us like this at home.

We realize this is a different setting than home, but it’s been refreshing so far to just be together as a family. Jonathan seems to be doing very well, and even though we know this setting isn’t like being at home, the changes we do see give us great hope for Jonathan’s future and the future of our family.

That was our day. Hope to catch up with you tomorrow!

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  • Margaret N.
    Posted at 11:47h, 21 March Reply

    Praise the Lord for the time you are all having together.

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