Cathy Haedt Update

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Cathy Haedt’s condition. She is glad to be feeling better this afternoon and evening.

Their goal is to administer the new chemo on Thursday. In order for her to be able to undergo the treatment, the doctor wants her electrolytes to be sufficiently balanced. Please pray that this happens in God’s right timing.

While the Oncologist has said the cancer is not expected to go back into remission, the primary goal of the new chemotherapy is to shrink the cancer so that it will stop producing the hormone that is causing the electrolyte imbalance.

As Cathy and the family are requesting no visitors. It takes tremendous energy for her to see people when she is battling the symptoms of the electrolyte imbalance and also feeling the effects of strong pain meds and her strength can vary greatly at any given time. I know it’s hard for so many of us that love and adore Cathy, but please do respect their wishes at this time. If the “no visitors” request lifts at any time, we will definitely let you know.

Continue to pray for Cathy, Fred, Ceci, extended family members, as well as the Doctors who are doing everything they can for Cathy right now.

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