Cathy Haedt Update

I spoke with Cathy Haedt at about 5:00 pm and she sounded great! Her electrolyte numbers were strong enough today that she was able to go without her “sodium bottle” on the IV for the first time during this hospital stay. They were hoping that they could see her numbers stabilize by her own ingestion of salt.

Can you imagine that? For most of us, our doctor wants us to ingest LESS salt. For her, they’re saying “pile it on”!

She was “bottle free” from last night through about 4:00 today, when they came in and told her she had to go back to the bottle. Her numbers were not as low as they had been, but low enough that she needed the support.

At far as she knows right now, they will still be administering the new chemotherapy treatment tomorrow. Pray that all goes well for her and that her body handles it well. They will be watching her body’s reactions closely.

While she is feeling better yesterday and today, Cathy and the family are still requesting no visitors. Tomorrow will be a big day physically and emotionally. Please continue to pray for Cathy, Fred, Ceci, the doctors and the treatment itself.

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