Cathy Haedt Update – Tuesday night

I am relieved to report to you that Cathy is resting comfortably tonight, though that has not been the case much of the day. Her pain is stable (she is mostly out of pain now), but she is not always clear and lucid in her thinking, and when she is awake, she can sometimes be very happy and at other times is not in good shape. Understandably so. And that change can take place very rapidly.

Throughout the day I have fielded a few calls and emails from a number of people who feel so close to Cathy and the Haedt family. And you are!!

The bulk of the calls and emails I’ve received today are what we expected ….. “Paul, I know about the no visitor request, but does it really apply to me/us because of how close we’ve been to the Haedt’s?”

The very good problem is that there are too many of you who are so close to Cathy and the family for them to handle fairly, and they cannot tell at any given time if a window of lucidity will open, or how long it will be open. They want to have those shared within their family. They deserve that.

Additionally, it is difficult for Cathy AND the family to have others see her in this condition. They know that you don’t care, because Cathy’s appearance would not change who she is to you. However, they are concerned in this matter as well, and it adds to their request for no visitors.

Please understand that where Cathy’s condition is now, as much as you desire to reach out and let her and the family know you love her, and desire closure and time to say goodbye’s to her personally, that window has now closed.

I don’t mean to be harsh in any way, but it is probably most straightforward to say that to come to the hospital at this point is more your desire for that closure (which is understandable) than it is a necessary step of support for Cathy and the family. They do have plenty of support in one another at this point, and they strongly feel your love and prayers during Cathy’s final days. They already know you are with them!

If something changes, I will certainly let you know, but for now, please do understand and respect the family’s wishes. It’s very hard for them to ask this, even harder still if they receive continued requests for exceptions to be made. It’s too hard for them to say no, thus the request for no visitors.

That said, if you have something you would like delivered to the family, no matter what it would be, it is best to drop it off at the Church Office and I can deliver it for you as I go to the hospital to check on the family a few times a day.

Some have already begun to write replies to my email that I have printed and taken to the hospital for the family to read, and they have all been read to Cathy as well. Feel free to write something in a reply to this email and I will do the same with it tomorrow.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply back to my email and ask. There is NO silly question!

Thanks so much for your understanding and love for the Haedt’s! Best you can do for them? Pray for a timely and peaceful transition for Cathy.

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