Cathy Haedt Update

To any US Veterans reading this, THANK YOU for your sacrifice of service to our country. Most of us are enjoying a beautiful day of rest because you served the cause of freedom for us. Thank you!

We mentioned on Sunday during the 10:30 Celebration that we had received word that morning that Cathy Haedt was not doing well. Her electrolytes had continued to be unstable and she was in quite some pain. The electrolyte imbalance is being caused by the cancer, which releases a hormone that sends the electrolytes out of balance.

That afternoon, they were able to get her comfortable, though her electrolytes remained unbalanced. On Monday, they began to transition Cathy from use of a pain pump to pain patches, hoping to get her ready to go home.

This morning, Cathy’s Oncologist said that she did not expect the cancer to go into remission so quickly back in February, but that she also did not expect the cancer would return as quickly as it did. Her experience with this cancer is that once it comes out of remission, it doesn’t usually go back into remission.

The chemotherapy treatment she has received the last two months actually adds to the release of the cancer’s hormone that causes the electrolyte imbalance, and she was scheduled to receive her next treatment yesterday. They obviously cannot continue the same treatment.

There is a new chemo treatment available to try to put the cancer at bay, but we currently do not know when she will receive it.

At this time, Cathy and the family are requesting no visitors. I know that is hard for so many of us that love and adore Cathy, but please do respect their wishes at this time. If the “no visitors” request lifts at any time, we will definitely let you know. It takes a lot of energy for her to see people when she is battling the symptoms of the electrolyte imbalance and also feeling the effects of strong pain meds.

Continue to pray for Cathy, Fred, Ceci, extended family members, as well as the Doctors who are doing everything they can for Cathy right now. I will keep you posted by email as much as I can.

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