Cathy Haedt’s Memorial Celebration

I hope this note finds you basking in at least a little bit of the sunshine God has given us today. I find myself often throughout these last few days just sensing Cathy Haedt’s smile.

I can only imagine that her home going has been filled with precious moments of reunion and celebration. A couple of her favorite things … people and worship … she is surely finding those things in abundance in heaven!

I wanted to let you know that Cathy’s Memorial Celebration is set for Saturday, March 28 at 11:00 am at NewHeart Foursquare Church. I encourage you to come early. We anticipate a crowd and are making as much room as possible in the Sanctuary, but there could still likely be standing room only.

At most Memorial Celebrations, we offer the oportunity for a time of open sharing about the life of the loved one. However, due to how dearly loved Cathy and her family are, the anticipated size of the crowd is going to not allow for an open microphone.

If you have memories you would like to share, would you please write them out in a letter and bring them in a card or envelope? To have them in written form will be an incredible  heritage for the family to keep and pass down for the future. I wanted to alert you to this to give you as much time as possible to write before the Celebration.

A reception will follow on the church campus right after the Celebration concludes. If you would like to help with bringing food for, set up, serving, and/or clean up of the reception, please email Myriame Michaele Myles. Or, you can call her at 805-217-9785.

If you would like to provide a dinner for Fred & Ceci on the rotation in the next couple of weeks, please email Shirley Francis-Jones, who coordinates our Emergency Meals Team, or call her at 805-404-1373. She will contact you regarding the schedule.

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