Chaplain Call Out – April 25, 2007

Got a call at 6:30 am to respond to the Simi Valley Hospital for a 10 week old girl who had stopped breathing. Met our Officers and the Hospital Chaplain there while the parents were in a closed room. The little girl had died and they were spending time with her.

Normally in a situation like this, we would hand the situation over to the Hospital Chaplain and I would touch bases with our Officers to let them know I’m there if they want to talk. This case was a little different. Dad is an Officer with a neighboring law enforcement agency.

So, the Hospital Chaplain and I chatted and he handed the case to me due to the fact I am a Police Chaplain. The law enforcement connection is big.

The little girl had some major health problems known about from before birth. While this wasn’t totally unexpected, she had seemed to be greatly improving as of late. Spent quite some time working with the parents, our Officers, Dad’s agency superiors who responded to the Hospital, and the Medical Examiner. What a week!

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