Chaplain Call Out – April 30, 2007

Received a call from the Watch Commander at 7:45 am about a 51 year old lady with multiple health issues who had passed away over night. She was living with her daughter and family.

This was another reminder that no matter how “prepared” you are for someone you know to die, you never know what the actual moment is going to bring. The family knew for about 10 years that Mom could go at any time. She even knew it herself. But it came on so quickly and caught everyone unprepared.

I am a real advocate of talking about all details before death happens. It makes it so much easier for the family once the event occurs.

Even at the PD, there is an “emergency packet” that Officers are asked to fill out. It contains all the questions in case of line of duty death.

Who do you want to have make the notification to your family? What do you wan to be buried in? What type of a service would you like to have? Songs? Hymns? Who would you like to have officiate and/or speak? Etc., etc.

Once the packet is turned into the Chief’s Office, it is sealed and placed in the Officer’s file. I am told that most Officer’s never fill it out and turn it in. They never think it will happen to them.

Having those decisions already made just makes the process a lot easier for the family. Just a thought …

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