Chocolate Rain & Marketing Smarts

Have you seen the “Chocolate Rain” video by Tay Zonday? Never heard of Tay Zonday, you say? Well, somewhere around 11,000,000 other people have. He posted a music video on YouTube about 7 months ago called “Chocolate Rain”. It took off because his voice doesn’t look like it fits him. The song is really about nothing, but he and it are just unique. Since the video took off, he’s done the late night talk show circuits and YouTube had him do an employee luncheon event.

If you haven’t seen the video, here it is, but read further after you watch it:

Now, Tay Zonday has made a follow up video, only this time it is a unique and (while I don’t like all of what is in the video) genius marketing ploy by a famous company. You have to watch the video all the way through to get the marketing part. This is a company taking tremendous advantage of the fact that millions are using YouTube. Disclaimer: The video below, and its comments (on both this one and the original) on YouTube, contain material that may be offensive to some.

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