Colleen is a Teacher!

I have some catching up to do! It’s been an extremely busy Fall around the Kuzma home, and that’s usually because of what I do for work. Church life can be pretty busy around this time of year.

However, I am very proud to say that it’s not necessarily because of me this year. Oh yes, church life is plenty busy … we’re finally getting ready to do a major remodel which will include some significant construction. You can see updates on that here. That, along with regular Fall season church life is keeping me plenty busy.

The added busy-ness this year is due to Colleen’s new job. My sweetheart is a teacher! In September, she started teaching the night course for Certified Nurse Assistant at the Simi Valley Adult School!

It’s a 10 week course, and she teaches Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings and all day Saturday. The first five weeks is theory, which means classroom instruction. So for those first weeks, because she’s never done this before, she was spending just about every waking moment preparing for the next class.

She just entered the second half of the semester, which is “clinical”. That means the class moves to our local Simi Valley Care Center, which provides long-term rehab or elder care. That’s where the almost-CNA’s get their OJT.

The Adult School is also sponsoring her through a two year Teacher Credential course. She spends one Saturday a month in Camarillo learning the ropes of teaching and a few appointments a month with a Mentor Teacher. At the end of the two years, she gets her teaching credential. That would actually allow her to teach Health classes at the Middle & High School levels if she wanted to.

I am SO proud of her. My babe is a TEACHER! This is something she has wanted to do for a long time, and it is actually happened! It’s a very cool thing we are experiencing in our home. Now that she is in the clinical phase of the class, there’s less preparation time, but she’s still plenty busy with preparation and her credentialing course. Just not AS intense as the first half of the semester.

But it’s given me and the boys some man time, and we’ve been hanging quite a bit more together. Both boys are doing well in school and Josh’s leg seems to be healing up pretty good. He went out airsofting for the first time last weekend since his surgery, so he’s pumped.

That’s our household these days. Yours?

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