Coming Out of the Dark

Man, has it been a long time or what? Over two months since my last post!

I did find that the last half of the sabbatical was much less computer friendly than the first half. Just didn’t have the desire to be around the computer a whole lot. I journaled through the whole sabbatical (which I do on my computer), but there wasn’t much computer activity other than that.

Since I posted last, here are the highlights:

  • We spent another week RVing in Buellton at our favorite spot, and it was awesome.
  • I played more golf and got better as the sabbatical progressed.
  • Golf included one round on the 14th anniversary of my brother’s death, on the golf course next to the cemetery where he’s buried. You can see my memorial shot here.
  • Colleen and I enjoyed an incredible week in June Lake. You can see some great pictures here. We’re already planning to take the boys there next Summer.
  • We discovered Schat’s Bakery in Bishop, CA. Amazing sheepherder’s bread!
  • I’ve been back at the gym regularly and have lost almost 25 pounds. A whole lot more to go, but I’m on my way there!
  • Josh is playing football for Simi High as a wide receiver of the freshman team. He’s not starting, but did get to play a few downs in the 3rd game. He plays on Thursday evenings.
  • Jonathan is playing center for a Simi Valley Vikings team in the Senior division. He’s enjoying it immensely, and learned a valuable lesson last weekend, having to sit out a game for being suspended from school for a fight. He plays on Saturday evenings.
  • Colleen is well into her 3rd semester teaching at Simi Valley Adult School on most Monday nights, Wednesday nights and a number of Saturdays.
  • I turned 44 and had a wonderful birthday complete with family, good friends and lots of Black Forest cake!

Life in the Kuzma clan has been very busy between all four of our schedules. Finding time to just BE and not always DO is a challenge, as it is for all families. But we’re taking time where we can and attempting to be more intentional about our time together.

I am starting a news series at church this weekend, based on a popular song, some lessons out of my sabbatical, and some material written by a good friend of mine. The series is called “Live Like You Were Dying”. I think we could all use some more of that type of living to break the cycle of lifelessness and busy-ness, don’t you?

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