Day 2 Begins … Too Early!

Crawling into bed at almost 2:00 am, I noticed that a Continental Breakfast is included at this hotel, between 6 and 9 am. “No way I’m making that!”, I thought.

Well, think again, Kuzma. Woke up at 6:30, then again at 7:00, then again … you get the story! I fell out of bed at about 8:15, threw on some clothes and went to the breakfast area, feeling the drag of wanting to stay in bed.

The Hospitality lady immediately said, “You look tired!” I WANTED to say, “Gee, really?” but instead kept it to, “Yeah, late night!”

Heard from my nephew, Matt, this morning. He’s the one in the Navy whose ship, USS Kidd, is being commissioned in Galveston Saturday. The last few days he was trying to get confirmed whether or not I’d be able to get in to the ceremony. He called a few moments ago to say he was able to get it confirmed.

Glad to hear that. I am so proud of him, and looking forward to being with him. His mom, Kerry, (Colleen’s sister) and their grandfather, Bill Kimmick, will be there too. They’re flying in right now. Grandpa Bill served in the Navy in WW 2, and has a full arsenal of wonderful memories. I am sure he is really looking forward to this as well.

After a bit of quiet time this morning and then getting a little bit of work done … the Internet really is quite something … I’ll run through the shower and hit the road. Should be able to start about noon, which was my target for today.

We’ll see how my ’89 Honda Prelude handles the heat. Yesterday’s drive went very smooth.

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