Departure Day is Here

The day has arrived. Well, almost … as I blog, it is 11:42 PST. Joshua’s DARE Graduation is at 1:30. I plan to be ready to leave right after that, which would make for about 3:00 pm PST.

If you’d like to see the route I’m taking, as well as the stopovers, click here. I plan to be in Galveston on Friday night. My nephew, Matt Suttle, is in the Navy. His ship, the USS Kidd, is being commissioned there on Saturday. His mom (Colleen’s sister), Kerry, along with Grandpa Bill Kimmick, will also be there.

On Sunday, I’ll head to Mom & Dad’s. The only possible change at this point would happen if Matt is not able to secure a ticket for me for the commissioning. In that case, I’ll just head straight for Mom & Dad’s.

I’ll be blogging about my trip as it happens. Blogger actually allows web-enabled phones (which mine is) to post to blogs right from the phone. If I run into anything nifty (like a good storm or tornado), you can bet I’ll blog it.

Come on along, just for the fun of it, and let me know you’re there with a comment or two …

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