Colleen was discharged from the hospital just a few minutes ago! After continued conversation with the doctors, we are staying close by for the next two days just in case any symptoms flare up, and have been instructed to keep her exertion low. Interestingly, the cardiologist yesterday painted a vivid verbal picture, explaining that “every time her heart beats, it’s rubbing against a surface (the pericardium) that is currently rough, irritated and inflamed; every time it does that, there’s potential for damage to occur.” We obviously want to minimize that potential!

They are advocating normal activity without elevated heart rates. Things like: it’s OK to walk downhill, but not uphill; it’s OK to walk for exercise, but walk a normal pace, not an elevated heart rate pace; no caffeine; don’t walk with extra weight like luggage, carry-on bags, etc. She’ll need to keep it on the low down until the home cardiologist confirms that the pericardium has healed appropriately. They anticipate that could take a “few weeks”.

Honestly, we are simply praising God that she is here, feeling as well as she does and can enjoy a couple days of rest before we fly home. While the travel insurance company (a whole other miracle story) will be making our flight arrangements, we plan to fly back to San Francisco (where our van was left for the cruise) Sunday afternoon to meet the friends we left behind on the ship and ride home with them. We’re very much looking forward to that time together with them!

Thanks so much everyone for the outpouring of prayer, love, and support our direction these last few days. It’s been quite the journey filled with divine interventions that could fill a small book!

Grateful for you, and for a great God!

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