Draggy Weekend

The last couple days have been a bit of a bummer. Woke up Friday morning with that weird feeling in my throat, and the fuzzy feeling in my head. You know how you just feel like you’re off? Slowed me down way more than I wanted.

Woke up this morning feeling a little more clear-headed, but also feeling like the throat thing settled in a little deeper. Doggone it!

When I finished working my final message prep through the afternoon and evening, I just felt tired. Just felt like vegging, so I just finished watching some stuff collecting on my DVR.

Watched a couple shows I recorded from National Geographic Channel a few weeks ago. I know …. exciting, huh? Well, to me anyway. They were shows about what it’s like On Board Air Force One and On Board Marine One. Very cool, both of them!

So, here it is almost 11:30 pm. Time to hit the sack. Catch ya next time!

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