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Just started a new Emotionally Healthy Spirituality small group this morning. I am privileged to have been asked to lead this group that comprises the team of people that work at our Foursquare Pacific Arc (Administrative Resource Center), which is located in La Crescenta – about 45 minutes east of Simi Valley.

There are 3 “ARC”s – Pacific, Central (Colorado) and Atlantic (North Carolina). Each ARC serves a number of Districts as just what they are called … Administrative Resource Centers. Their goal is to primarily release District Supervisors (most of whom also serve as local church Pastors) to do more ministry and less administration.

Anyway … Rick Trimble is the Pacific ARC Lead Administrator, and he has been touched by the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality material. We first met about 10 years ago when I interviewed for a position as District Youth Representative in Northern California. Over the years, from his position as a District Administrator back in those days, he would call once in a while asking us to consider pastoring a church in his area.

We became re-acquainted at an EHS event back in April, and in December, he called wanting to know if I’d be willing to lead his team through the Emotionally Healthy Church Workbook as a small group. So, starting today, I’ll head to La Crescenta once every 2-3 Thursdays for a morning of interaction with them and the material for 8 sessions total. It went great today and I’m looking forward to the additional times together.

Additionally, I am very excited that this material is finding increased influence in our denomination. Foursquare is bringing Pete Scazzero out on March 10 for their 2nd annual “Foursquare Live” Leadership Training Simulcast. I’m hoping to be able to pick him up at the airport and take him back when he’s done.

I am also making plans to be in New York again for New Life Fellowship’s Pastor’s Conference on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. My goal is two-fold … to learn and glean more myself, AND to represent to West Coast at the Conference. Hoping to network with more Pastors while there and also hoping that some from the West Coast will go to experience it.

I continue to receive calls from Pastors who have heard of my journey through burnout and depression. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality has been, and continues to be, such a powerful tool that the Lord is using to grow my relationship with Him and others. I am excited to watch what He is doing with it!

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  • Sherene
    Posted at 19:48h, 26 January Reply

    All the information you’ve shared on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality has been great. I have read the two books you’ve mentioned and have passed them on to others. They are must reads, I believe. Whether you’ve gone through a burn-out or not, they are both books that make you think and remember that the Lord is in watching over you and guiding your life. It’s too easy to try and do everything on our own and forget that He can take our burdens and give us a lighter load to carry.

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