Exciting Day!

Finished our annual Harvest Festival tonight, and it was a real blowout! Kinda literally! We had inflatables everywhere; huge ones! We had a Rock Climbing Wall and a Monkey Jump, along with a whole bunch of other game booths, a DJ (Thanks Johnny!) and a Cake Walk.

We encourage everyone to fill out a registration card. Not everyone does, but many do. This year, we had about twice as many cards filled out by non-church people as we did church folks. THAT is what it’s all about! We’ll do follow-up letters to everyone who filled out a card.

Again, it was a real blast and there are so many people to thank for it. Mark & Cindy Sanders made it so much fun by bringing extra elements from their bouncers business, Martha-Dale Lesmes & Jenifer Milbauer coordinated the event and did a great job; so many volunteers came throughout the day to help set-up and a slew of folks stayed late to clean up the mess left behind. Lots of volunteers BBQ’d burgers and served up hot dogs and popcorn and cotton candy.

It was so awesome to see everyone come together, and some great community contacts were made all night long.

Adding to the great day was my time in the gym this morning, which marks 4 consecutive weeks that I’ve been back regularly. Hit my goal each week of at least 3 workouts a week. Haven’t lost much weight to speak of yet, but it’ll come.

Last couple of weeks, I’ve started to get that “I want to go to the gym” instead of ” I HAVE to go to the gym” feeling. Had to miss yesterday and was bummed. That’s the kind of feeling I really want.

Bummer that Josh was sick with a fever and swollen glands and sore throat. He nursed it at home, while Jonathan went through the neighborhoods with friends.

He dressed as a Ketchup bottle! If you know him, you know he is the Ketchup Goblin! Puts ketchup on absolutely everything, and LOTS of it. So that was fun to have him pick that costume on his own.

Well, too late to be blogging and the eyelids ar getting heavy. Good night all, and sweet dreams!

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