Follow Up @ Cedars

Just finished my follow-up appointment with the Cedars-Sinai doctor. We’re navigating the traffic on the way home right now.

The results of my gastric emptying study done on August 6 show that I have “severe” gastroparesis. However, I learned that the severity of the condition does not always corrolate with severity of the symptoms.

He said that the gastroparesis is most likely the “post-viral” type, but he is ordering more tests to see if he can nail down why I have it. It’s still possible we may not be able to find out how it came to be. However, he believes it’s important to do everything to find out why since it’s rare for a male to get gastroparesis in my age group.

My blood work also showed an elevated level of something called Chromogranin, which does NOT mean there IS presence of a hormone-producing tumor, but indicates the possibility. So, I had another visit to the lab for more blood work drawn for further study.

The blood work is not conclusive for this, so he is ordering a couple more tests that have been scheduled for next week. One is called an Octreotide Scan, and it happens over 4 days.

On Tuesday morning, I’ll have an injection, and that’s Day 1. On Wednesday afternoon, I’ll go through a one hour scan, and that’s Day 2. Then on Day 4 (Friday), they’ll do another two hour scan in the morning.

Then, on Saturday morning, Aug. 28, they’ll do an MRI/MRA.

Finally, on Tuesday, Aug. 31 at 3:00 pm, I’ll have the follow-up appointment with the doctor for results of those tests.

That’s the info for now!

  • Mike Dobes
    Posted at 21:00h, 19 August Reply

    Hey Paul

    Putting you on my prayer list. Believing that we will hear great news about complete health!!!


    • Paul Kuzma
      Posted at 21:48h, 19 August Reply

      Thank you Mike!

  • Ligia & Steve
    Posted at 22:18h, 21 August Reply

    Paul, it is so comforting to know that your MD is so conscientious about your health as he keeps researching about your diagnosis and etiology for a more targeted treatment. Bless his heart, we need more of these angels in our profession ūüôā

    We caught a glance of you couple of days ago as you were picking up your mail ūüôā you look great! Either we are getting used to your “new look” or we need stronger glasses, but anyway, your color is much improved ūüôā Wish energy level is good too. Your knowledge is getting at a level of a professional!
    Love you
    Ligia & Steve

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