Following Some Dim Days

After my last post, I realized that the more I think about it, the more I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet in having a pre-cancerous polyp removed from my colon that wasn’t even the issue being searched for in my recent colonoscopy!

I also realized that I didn’t share with you another good thing that has come from this whole experience …. I’ve lost my holiday pounds! And then some, actually. I’ve lost 22 pounds in the last 4 weeks! I wouldn’t suggest my “diet” to anyone, but it is one good thing that has occurred in this mess.

Sunday was great! Not necessarily physically, as I struggled with nausea on and off and the sweats as well. But spiritually and emotionally, it was great to be able to be back with the NewHeart family. I realized it was my first time with the Church this year!

Watched the Super Bowl with some friends of ours, and was glad to see the Saints take it. Neither team was close to my heart, but the story of New Orleans and all they’ve been through recovering from Hurricane Katrina, and then Drew Brees’ own personal story …. ya gotta admit that’s powerful stuff!

Went grocery shopping today for the first time in weeks, but was glad to only do one store. Usually do two. This morning felt like it was gonna be a good day, but after breakfast of my protein shake and one piece of toast, it was nausea the rest of the day! Doggone it!

Every day I wake up hoping “this is gonna be the day” that the turnaround happens! Not today I guess. Still waiting for the meds to kick in and wipe out the pain and nausea.

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