From Beautiful Downtown Buellton

Arriving on Wednesday, we left town way later than I wanted. It’s kind of my way I guess. Say I want to leave by noon and not get out till 3:00. Anyway…..

Left me only an hour or so of light to set up camp. Most campers don’t think much of us RV’ers, and are probably boo-hooing my “set up camp” comment, but while it is WAY easier than tent camping, there’s still a bunch of work to it.

Here we are having just arrived and the kids setting up their tent. What were we thinking bringing FIVE BOYS with us? I don’t know!

While we are not actually IN downtown Buellton (home of famed Andersen’s Split Pea Soup), we’re right by it, enjoying Flying Flags Campground. It’s a family favorite, and we haven’t been here for a couple years.

We’re staying in the last section of the property that has not been improved. Most of the sites have been vastly improved in quality and beauty. I highly recommend Flying Flags for those looking for a great family camping spot.

All in all, we’re having a great time relaxing and being with each other. Josh has been a little slow because of his cast, but even he is having a good time. We’ve had the pleasure of some friends coming through for various amounts of time. It’s been great.

This is the first actual vacation we’ve taken as a family this year. Colleen and the boys were gone for a bit at the beginning of Summer in relation to Colleen’s upcoming new job and then 4th of July with her family that I wasn’t able to get to. In that regard, this has been very nice.

The first couple days were wide open here, but the weekend packs out. So, being Sunday noon as I write this, people are clearing out. Which is why I am really glad we are staying till tomorrow. We can end our time with some relative quiet and space and not fight today’s traffic. The kids start school on Wednesday.

Ahhh, campfires, s’mores, gentle breezes, and a REAL bed!

So, from beautiful downtown Buellton…..over and out!

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