I am just frustrated as all-git-out tonight! My van passenger power window has been inoperative for some time now. I ordered a new motor a couple months ago. It’s been sitting in my garage … TAUNTING ME … “Install me, why don’tcha?”, it screams whenever I pass it by.

Well, Saturday, I finally did! My father-in-law helped me take the door trim panel off, we found the old motor and took it out. Not easily, of course. It just HAD to be installed with “well nuts”; a metal nut set inside of a rubber casing DESIGNED to be used ONE TIME! You HAVE TO break the things to get the motor off.

And does AutoZone or Pep Boys carry these “well nuts” with now-stripped bolts? NNNooooo! You HAVE TO get them from the dealer. Three bolts and three “well nuts”…that’ll be $25 sir! Got those today and tonight, presto, that new motor whirs in its place like a well-tuned machine!

Now, let’s get the door panel back on with those generic panel clips from the auto parts store that my father-in-law picked up for me. Taking the door panel off required breaking the old panel clips. Does AutoZone or Pep Boys carry Plymouth Door Trim Panel Clips? NNNooooo! Now we (sorry … I …) gotta go back to the dealer tomorrow to get those fancy clips! Anyone want to start a pool on how much those are gonna cost me?

Call me a whiner … cry me a river … thanks for letting me gripe!

  • Veronica Joy
    Posted at 18:16h, 29 November Reply

    From experience I will say they will cost much more than you want to spend or that they are worth.

    Veronica Joy

  • Pastor Paul
    Posted at 23:52h, 29 November Reply

    You are absolutely right Veronica!! Just got them today and they were way more than they’re worth!

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