Funny Feeling

I appreciate being able to get to a location I’ll be at a few days with a little bit of time before events begin. Gives me a chance to get a lay of the land around the area.

For Convention, we’re in downtown Houston. Texas, that is. Um, that means there’s still at least some respect left for the Sabbath. While I preach Sabbath, and try to live by it, I’m not used to everyone else around me doing it.


  • kids with families playing in the park across the street from the hotel;
  • stores are closed…got my exercise today strolling downtown to the view of my new Windows Live Search feature on my phone, which kept telling me where the next closest store was, but not where the next OPEN store was;
  • people are kind and friendly;

It was truly refreshing!

In the mean time, as I was walking through an empty downtown Houston, sweating beyond my comfort level for the clothes I was in, I began to get a funny feeling. It made me think through what the feeling was….

It wasn’t the unique Texas breeze. I spent my Jr. High years near Dallas. I’m tellin’ ya…Texas has a certain breeze unlike any other place I’ve been. I could feel it and smell it, but it wasn’t the Texas breeze.

It wasn’t anxiety. Believe me, I know anxiety when I feel it. If you know my story, you know that’s true, but it wasn’t anxiety I was feeling.

I wondered if it was what Pastor Jack Hayford (Foursquare’s President) has said about this Convention. Seeing people I haven’t seen in a while, catching up with stories and hearing what’s on the heart of our leaders always brings its own sense of anticipation. Maybe it was anticipation?

It was a sense of urgency that I just couldn’t really nail. I started asking the Lord to help me determine what the sense I had in my heart was about. I didn’t hear or feel anything definite in return, but I do believe there is something special the Lord has for me this week. I think that’s the funny feeling I had today.

As the week progresses, I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, what do you do with those feelings when they come along?

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