Funny, The Things That Make Us Happy …

I was thinking just yesterday (the day after the Rose Bowl) how some of the things that make us happy are just plain funny. I don’t mean humorous/funny, but silly/funny or strange/funny.

Forgive me for gloating a little, but I’m more a UCLA fan than a USC fan. Not that UCLA is my favorite College Football Team. In fact, in my world, Michigan takes it hands down (GO WOLVERINES!!).

Anyway, it was strange to have the Rose Bowl take place on January 4 this year. Being a resident of SoCal, I am particularly mindful that New Year’s DAY is Rose Bowl day (except when NY Day is on a Sunday).

I think Texas had way more fans at the Rose Bowl game. Maybe that’s what carried them to victory. Maybe it was way-underrated Vince Young (who is only a Junior right now with 2 Rose Bowl games under his belt) that carried them. C’mon, a QB with 200 yards RUSHING!!

All that to say that yesterday, I caught myself smiling with at odd times. Upon introspection, I was happy not just about a GREAT football game, but that Texas came out on top! Could be that my parents living in Texas now has something to do with it. Or maybe that I played my Jr. High football years there. Face it, there is NO football state like Texas!

Funny, the things that make us happy …

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