Good Friends

I mentioned earlier in the week a man named Andrew Favilla, whose wife, Laurel, is Pete Scazzero’s assistant and is also the current Director of the Center for Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

Andrew works at Grand Central TERMINAL. I was reminded by Laurel at church this morning that the name is not to be confused with Grand Central STATION. They are one and the same, however, for the last many years, since the terminal has been revitalized, they have made a conscious and concerted effort to be sure that it is communicated that the Grand Central TERMINAL is MUCH more than a “station”. When you visit the place, you can certainly see their point.

Anyway, that’s not my point here.

What I did NOT mention was, and believe deserves mentioning, is that Laurel, who has served so well in her place as Pete’s assistant, and her husband, Andrew, who serves also as Chairman of the Board of Elders at New Life Fellowship, became fast friends of mine over the last couple of years.

Laurel is a true prayer warrior, and we’ve has opportunity to work together as I’ve served as a kind of “unofficial” West Coast Representative for the Center for EHS. She so graciously picked us up at JFK on Wednesday and took us back there today.

It was a joy to spend a little bit of time with her and Andrew at lunch yesterday too. I just wanted to let you know a little bit about the Favilla’s as I’ve gotten to know them some and our friendship has been rekindled this week.

After church this morning, I was surprised at the number of people who remembered me and also had the chance to meet several more of their folks. It is amazing to me how deeply the EHS material has been integrated into the lives of New Life folks. Obviously, it’s been a number of years in the formation for them, but I believe it is happening for us too as NewHeart, and that’s a blessing for me to see.

Anyway, good night for now … more to come after taking tomorrow off …

By the way, Orange Chicken it was … brought home so the boys and I could catch last week’s recording of 24 before they hit the sack!

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  • Laurel
    Posted at 22:17h, 19 April Reply

    Hey good friend! I was showing my friend Maria, (I introduced you to her after Sunday morning service when you and Chuck came for the conference.) who has not had opportunity and therefore knows nothing about the internet, how to “google” one’s own name. As an example I “googled” my own name and came upon your post here which was quite a surprise! I showed it to Andrew tonight and I have to say we were both flabergasted to run across your kind and loving words.

    God is so good to knit together folks like us, across a country, who feel like family, because we are, because of what He has done for us! His blood has made us one, and now it’s so much fun! It is a honor and a priviledge to call you a friend. You bless Andrew and I both greatly.

    I am keeping in prayer the possibilities for the future for 4Sq and EHS! Please give Collen my warmest regards.


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