Good Night New York!

Just now final packing for the trip home, and boy, am I ready! It has been a very full week of connecting with acquaintances and making new ones, ministering to Pastors who related to my story of burnout and depression, having some fun with friends in Manhattan.

I am still in awe of Times Square, and so much of New York. After the conference concluded yesterday, I tagged along with three friends on a search to find the most authentic New York pizza. Well, we found that even New Yorkers don’t hold the same view on that!

We ultimaly landed at Angeleno’s, right next door to the David Letterman studios. No doubt, the pizza was awesome.

It ended up being one of the nicest evenings of weather. We wondered where that weather was a few nights back when we froze on top of the open air bus of the Night Loop tour of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Today, after church, I spent the afternoon with a couple who have become very good friends of mine since my early days of connecting with EHS, Andrew & Laurel Favilla. Back then, Laurel was Pete Scazzero‘s assistant, and we hit it off from the beginning.

Here’s a pic of me with the Favilla’s …


I had the opportunity today to take a slower paced tour of other parts of New York outside the city with the Favilla’s. That was relaxing and very interesting to see how different parts of New York are housed and how they live.

Got back to the hotel about  7:30, napped for an hour, then walked down to Georgia Diner for dinner and my favorite Black Forest Cake in the world. Last time at least until next year!

Chatted with Colleen and the boys over dinner and dessert, walked back to the hotel, packed my bags, and am getting ready to hit the sack for the early trip at 5:30 am (that’s 2:30 am CA time!) to JFK Airport.

The weather has been wonderful here. Couple days of warm temps, others of cloud and humidity, and today it was raining lightly, but steadily all day. It was quite something to do the walk in the sprinkles along Queens Blvd. to the restaurant and back.

Just a good evening of reflection on the events of the past several days. Now am ready for the early morning of travel and hugging my wife and kids!

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