Have You Considered Adopting?

Many of you know our story of both of our boys being adopted. The tremendous part is they’re ten months apart. Different biological birthmoms.

Josh was first. We found out about him when his birthmom was just three months pregnant and walked through the last six months of her pregnancy with her.

Jonathan came next. We found out about him on THE DAY HE WAS BORN. Turned out his birthmom knew about us and chose us for him. In reality, God chose us for him and him for us.

I encourage parents to adopt as much as I can. Just came across a fabulous resource for those interested and researching. Check out The Adoption Journey. You’ll find some simple steps that will help you move in the direction of adopting along with free resources.

The AdoptionJourney Project (www.adoptionjourney.org) is a collective of organizations who want to break down the barriers to adoption. The goal is to foster honest conversations about the adoption process, offer comprehensive yet easily accessible information about domestic and international adoption, and connect those who have already adopted with those who are thinking about it.

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