Home & Almost Gone Again!

Hard to believe it’s been a week since I last posted and almost a week that I’ve been home! It’s flown by!

There really is no place like home. Nothing like your own bed, your own pillow and your family and friends around you.

As quickly as returning home, I take off tomorrow afternoon. Our District Supervisor has set aside some time and funds at a hotel in Pismo Beach, about 3 hours north, for a Senior Pastor’s Getaway. I always enjoy being together with those guys!

I’ll leave as soon as I can Sunday afternoon, so I can stop in Lompoc to visit my friend, Bernie Federmann. He pastors the Lompoc Foursquare Church, and they’ve just completed a major Sanctuary expansion.

Last I saw it was back in November when the walls were barely covered and no flooring was in yet. Can’t wait to see it completed and get more ideas as we head for our Breezeway Remodel project at NewHeart.

Way more fun than the Sanctuary expansion, though, is Bernie’s new ’70 Camaro that he picked up last Fall. He gave me a spin in it back in November. Who knows? Maybe he’ll offer to drive us both up to Pismo in it!

Check out this beauty ….

We’re staying at The Cliffs Resort in Pismo. I’ve been honored to be asked to bring Monday morning’s devotional to the Pastors. Pray for me, and the Pastors, would you?

All afternoon is free time, then dinner and a session in the evening. A friend of mine from Bible College days, Jerry Dirmann, is coming to speak that night. We’re done on Tuesday, when I’ll head home.

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