Home Sweet Home

Especially for all those who don’t follow on Facebook or Twitter, Colleen was discharged from the hospital yesterday at about 11:30 am. We were able to catch a 6:30 pm flight out on, of all airlines, ALASKA, which Colleen thought was pretty funny. I was glad she got a kick out of something!

She was discharged with no pain, and no determinable reason for the recurrence. All tests continued to come back normal. The gold standard echocardiogram (ultrasound) even showed some improvement from the one done upon the first admission to the hospital last Tuesday. We’re grateful for that. The doctors affirmed the decision to go back in, made some medication adjustments, and told us that with lupus, it could be that she MAY experience some variant pain as the pericarditis heals over the next few weeks.

We can NEVER thank all of you enough for caring so much, praying for and with us, supporting us with your words of encouragement and offers of practical help! It walked us through a difficult time and continues to encourage us through days of perplexity!

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