Jesus bones?

Some have been asking my thoughts on the recent Discovery Channel show claiming to have discovered the bone boxes of Jesus, his “wife”, Mary Magdalene and their “son”.

My thoughts are pretty simple. Obviously, they start with the thought that it’s not true. The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus rose from His grave and ascended to heaven.

The hard time we have with the truth humanly is that we can’t see Him or prove that what the Bible said actually happened. It seems that man will never really get over the issue of faith.

At the same time, while I am no archaeologist, nor a true “scholar”, I’ve studied enough to know that we have plenty of physical evidence of Who Jesus is and what happened to Him.

The season of Lent, being these six weeks prior to Easter, will always see these kinds of supposed “expose’s” attempting to claim that we finally have “the truth” on Jesus.

The real Truth is that we don’t need any more Truth than we already have! We just don’t want to believe it! Those are my thoughts …

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