Kind of a Long Day

Funerals are hard. Even when I don’t know the person whose funeral I am officiating, like today, they’re just hard. I think some of it for me is because I just want people to feel better, and death is something I just can’t fix. I don’t mean to sound weird. It’s just true. I can’t make it all better for the grieving family members.

After that, met with a Pastor going through some church crisis. I am praying for him as he walks through more of it tonight in a meeting.

Then, had lunch with Pastors from all over Simi Valley and Moorpark, sponsored by our local Community Pregnancy Clinic. They brought in Star Parker as a preview to their annual banquet on September 26. Powerful speaker and advocate for the unborn! I had never heard of her before today, but I am already looking forward to the Banquet!

Two other meetings, one this afternoon and another this evening, along with a phone call with someone on the East Coast (is there such a thing as phone lag?!) have this old night owl tired early.

Peace out!

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