Last Few Days

Well, Tuesday gave me a lot of hope, but the last 3 days have given me more wonderment (if that’s a word).

Overall, I can say I am feeling improvement versus a couple weeks ago, but it is s…l…o…w…going. A number of the symptoms I battled the first 3 weeks have pretty much subsided. Sweats/chills, fatigue at ALL times (down to parts of each day), mental fog/inability to concentrate (able to focus a bit longer each day). Those all seem to be improving.

Pain and nausea are a little less in intensity and more intermittent than constant, except in the evening and through the night. Have been on Nexium for the gastritis for 2 weeks now and Asacol for the colitis for 1 week. Hard to tell how much difference they’re making yet, though it may be just slow recovery.

Watching the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony with Colleen tonight. Tried to get the boys to watch with us, but no-go for them. Very sad for us all the death of the Georgian luge athlete today.

Josh turns 15 on Tuesday, so we’re celebrating with family on Sunday evening. Can’t believe I’ve got 14 and 15 year old sons. Amazing!

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