Latest on Josh’s Surgery

Latest info on Josh’s surgery … we saw the doctor for the pre-op appointment last Monday. He took his own x-rays, which showed the fibroma to be the same size and location as already known.

Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday (July 15) at Northridge Hospital at 7:00 am. While it is still set for an outpatient procedure, the doctor said there is an 80% chance he will stay overnight. It all depends on how he does with pain management, using the crutches and the restroom on his own. If he does well with all three on Tuesday, he comes home that day. If there is any question, or he recovers slow, he stays overnight and comes home Wednesday.

An additional piece of information has Josh a bit bugged. In the first appointment a few weeks ago, the doc said he’d be in a cast and then a brace for a total of 6 weeks. The surgery is exactly six weeks before school starts. Josh was NOT wanting to go to school in a cast or brace.

Well, on Monday, the doctor said it would be 8 weeks. Josh is pretty bugged by that at this point.

Other than that, we are full steam ahead! I will post here after surgery, so feel free to check back Tuesday for updates.

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