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I couldn’t wait until June 23 for the results of the colonoscopy biopsies, so I called the Doc’s office today. Turns out the biopsies all came back normal, so that’s good. I think it means my intestines are healing, though they sure have been taking their sweet old time!

Essentially, there were no signs of continued ileitis is the way I take “normal”, but I am sure there will be more definition on the 23rd. I believe that would mean the diagnosis would steer away from Crohn’s and toward Gastroparesis.

Good for NO Crohn’s, but Gastroparesis isn’t any fun either. Given that I’ve tried the meds available to get the stomach going again and they’ve been ineffective, I’m left to try a med that the FDA hasn’t approved and that I’ve got to get from another country. Something called Domperidone. That’s a bit of a challenge.

With the Gastroparesis, the continous nausea and stomach pain remains a problem for me. It’s honestly wearing physically. I can’t tell if the fatigue is coming from fighting the pain and nausea, or if it’s just part of the Gastroparesis.

One person I read said their GI doc explained that fatigue can come from the fact that now, your GI tract is constantly working to digest, rather than a well working system that digests after meals and then rests until the next meal. Makes sense.

The only other treatment really is in diet. From the lots that I’m reading, I’m getting the notion that other than low-fiber, low-fat, low-residue, and eat several small meals a day rather than the traditional three, I am going to have to experiment with different foods and see what they do.

My dinner staple is chicken noodle soup. Last Sunday night, I BBQ’d chicken for the fam and had one piece without the skin. Monday at 2:30 am, I woke up with severe stomach pain for two hours. I was simultaneously trying to stay quiet so I wouldn’t wake up Colleen and wondering if I should wake her up and have her take me to the ER. It finally settled down around 4:30.

Last night, I had Chicken Corn Chowder, trying to variate a little bit. Not a good idea for the GI system this morning, I found.

However, earlier this week, I had some white rice (limited to that type is what I’m told) and it seemed to go pretty well. Not without resultant nausea, but at least another food to use.

The holistic chiropractor appointment I was supposed to have today was moved to Monday because of an emergency on his part. We’ll see what happens there.

Until then …. a good weekend to you!

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